Thursday, May 25, 2017


    FRIDAY, MAY 26TH., 2017

       I never thought I'd hear myself
say it. But I'm getting to know my way
around Philadelphia. Not the whole
city of course! But the unique route
I've been driving everyday to get
to and from the University of
Pennsylvania Hospital and the hotel
where I'm staying while my wife
begins her slow recovery from open
heart surgery.
      It's a combination of Interstate
highway and city streets that have
lead several other visitors on a
Merry-Go-Round like journey that
has had several people circling the
building where they're suppose to
have parked like Crazy Horse
riding round and around Custer's
      I used my GPS for my initial
trips. But by my third round I had
it down pat. On Thursday morning
I even negotiated the route in a
heavy rainstorm.
     I've been able to keep right up
with the traffic flow too.....although\
I'm beginning to think all these
Philly drivers should have NASCAR
numbers of their vehicles!
   Hope they see my turn signal
and that all your NEWS is good!

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