Tuesday, May 30, 2017


  WEDNESDAY, MAY 31ST., 2017
         BACK TO THE ALPS!

   My wife and I spent 9 days on our
Travelworld tour of the Alps before
she came home to have her heart surgery.
   While she is busy recovering from
her operation I have been busy editing,
and reediting video I captured while on
our trip.
    This far I have spent the better part
of four days reliving the trip and trying
to get my video onto dvd's for our
fellow travelers!
      The laptop I always relied on for
my editing projects is the same unit
I spilled wine on a number of months
ago. Apparently it still has a hangover!
       About the time I had all the scenes
I wanted it informed me it's hard drive
was too full.
        I took about an hours deleting
some things I didn't think I'd miss,
but it wasn't enough!
        Fortunately I have a spare, sober,
laptop. But it doesn't have the same
editing program so I had to find another
way to get my production onto disks.
        By the time the Yankees downed
Baltimore and I half watched "Fury" for
the 4th time I think I have what I need
to get my job done.
       Now to make 20 copies!!!
       Hope I last the night, and that all
your NEWS is good!

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