Monday, May 22, 2017


    TUESDAY, MAY 23RD., 2017
           HEART TO HEART

  You, my blog readers, have truly become
friends over the years I'm been publishing
my daily ramblings.
   I hope some of my nonsense has brought
a smile to your face and maybe an occasional
    I don't often get serious. But, as I do
consider you all as friends, I must make an
exception with this post.
    The love of my life, my wife Leona, will
be undergoing open heart surgery on
Tuesday morning at 7:15.
    It's the second time she will have had
this time of operation. The first, about 17-
years-ago left her with three valves instead
of four. The procedure worked well and
may very well have given her extra years!
    But over these years her heart has enlarged
(no surprise to anyone who knows she has
"a big heart) and that is now causing problems.
     Medication has done wonders to address
her concerns. But doctors all agree there will
come a time when that medication will no
longer work.
     That left her with two choices. No nothing
and see how long the medication has an effect,
or undergo this surgery which, if successful,
could prolong her years and improve her
quality of life.
      She choose to have the surgery. It is
      I know the doctors will do their very
best to take care of her.
      Ultimately she is in the hands of "the
great Physician."
       I hope you might take a moment to
petition him for a positive outcome and
to comfort those of us who sit and wait!
       Hoping more than never that all
her, and your, NEWS is good! Thank


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