Saturday, May 20, 2017


      SUNDAY, MAY 21ST., 2017

    Our Travelworld tour of the Austrian
Alps included stops at some very well
known tourist attractions! Including a
couple actually out of Austria.
     We toured Innsbruck and the
mountain that overlooks the city
walked the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne
Switzerkand , and shopped the ancient
walled city of Rothenburg, Germany.
      But it was equally impressive to
go off the beaten track and enjoy a
evening and dinner in a small village
just outside Innsbruck.
       Klaus runs an agency that supplies
guides to companies like Travelworld.
He brought our group into a small
tavern/restaurant in his home village
to give us a real taste of Alpine life!
        As we were served soup and
meats an 86-year-old gentleman'
say at a small table nearby and
played the Zither!
         Every so often he'd take a
short beer break while a team of
village teens stomped their way
into the room and preformed classic
Alpine Folk dances. I would have
joined them. But, as our guide
pointed out, the lederhosen
probably wouldn't fit anyway!
           How good was it? I'm
glad you asked. Most of us
expected to see Heidi show up
any minute!
            Hope you turn off the
main routes and into the
villages from time to time, and
that all your NEWS is good!

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