Saturday, May 20, 2017


     SATURDAY, MAY 20TH., 2017

   We wrapped up our last tourist stop on
our Travelworld tour of the Austrian Alps
Friday with a visit to Rothenburg, Germany.
     We've been through mountain ranges
that amazed all of us partly because of their
elevation and partly because of our bus driver's
ability to handle this twisty mountain roads
without hitting anything!
      There are, of course, stops along each
day's tour for rest breaks and snacks. As
our trip winds down we decided to make
more use of our credit card and a little
less use of the Euros which, of course, won't
do us much good back home at Walmart.
      During a planned 20 minute stop
Friday we selected our meal and handed
the cashier our Discovery card.
      But instead of using our card to eat,
the machine "ate" our credit card. While
it didn't actually chew it up, it refused to
release the card from the machine!
       So, as our food got cold and our
break time ran out, we were discussing
the situation with a cashier who spoke
German. I frantically searched for the
words for pliers while my wife came up
with a small screw driver and offered to
take the machine apart.
        About that time a supervisor showed
up with pliers that finally freed our card!
        Then the cashier told us it hadn't
actually read the card before it tried to
eat it. So, it had to be swiped again! They
closed that  register and used a different
         We gulped down a couple bites of
our food and rushed to the bus to sit
back and enjoy the scenery!
          Hope the card still works and that
all your NEWS is good!

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