Monday, May 15, 2017


  TUESDAY  MAY 16TH., 2017
         WHERE ARE WE?

   The heck with Waldo! The question
is, where are we?
    We've seen so many sights on the first
couple days of our Austrian Alps Tour
that it's hard to remember where we
where we were when I snapped some
of my photographs!
     We've been crossing in between
Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
so often I was surprised to find
myself in Italy today! Both major
highways and back roads cross from
one to the other with only a small
boarder Crossing Post to let you
know you've gone from one country
to the next,
     But today featured a stop in
Italy and in a small wine shop that
was handing out samples. I liked
the first sample so much the
proprietor offered me another.
And then a third. So,I bought a bottle
which may now figure into my inability
to know exactly where I am!
      I know I saw a lot of beautiful
countryside, and hilly roads with
many dangerous roads as we made
our way to the little Italian town
of Vipiteno by way of the Brenner
Pass through the Alps.
    But that's where I found the wine.
And some pizza. And some Ice Cream!
    Luckily I was able to find my way
back to the bus. I know it's the right
one because it's got my name on it!
    Hope I don't have to drive it back,
and that all your NEWS is good!

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