Monday, May 8, 2017


      TUESDAY, MAY 9TH., 2017
            EARLY RETURNS!

    Pennsylvania's 2017 Primary
Election is one week away today!
    I've covered a lot of elections
since I entered the broadcasting
field 58 years ago. But this is the
first time I've seen some of the
results in advance!
     Of course the numbers I've seen
are no guarantee the candidates who
received the votes will eventually win.
      I hope they will. Because the votes
I've seen are mine!
      For the first time since I was old
enough to vote I won't be in town
for the Primary. So, for the first time,
my wife and I applied for Absentee
       I tried to talk out house sitter
Karl into applying for one too since
he'll be leaving his home area to move
into our place while we're away. But Karl
says half of the people running in his
Primary don't know anything about running
a government. Of course that never
stopped any candidate before!
       It was kind of neat when the ballots
showed up at our house because we
had plenty of time to look them
over and even run checks on a couple
of names we didn't recognize. You
can't do that when you're standing in
front of an electronic voting machine.
       And the Absentee ballots are about
the closest thing you'll find to the old
paper ballots everybody used to get
"back in the day." I think I like them
        And who did I vote for, you might
ask? Well, all the winners of course!
        Hope you'll get out to cast your
ballot and that all your NEWS is good!


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