Tuesday, May 23, 2017


   WEDNESDAY, MAY 24TH., 2017

    Well today is my wife's Birthday.
This year for presents she has received
two brand new heart valves in addition
to some repair work on a third!
     I'll bet most of you women just
get candy and flowers!
     Of course she had to go through
major surgery to get her presents
installed. But that brings up a
      Since she was sedated and on
some serious pain medication
throughout the process, why am I
       I just sat around all day waiting
for occasion reports from probably
one of the best medical staffs there
is. My legs were so cramped up I
thought about trying to find a doctor.
       Seriously the staff at the
University of Pennsylvania has
been fantastic. From the gentleman
who first greeted us in the parking
garage to the woman who drove the
Shuttle Bus at day's end.
        Your continuing prayers for
my wife have been most appreciated
and I would ask they you continue
them as there are still a few concerns
we're watching.
         Thank you again and may all
your NEWS be good.

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