Monday, August 7, 2017


     TUESDAY, AUGUST 8TH., 2017

   As previously noted my wife and I have
been trying to get some walking in as often
as possible.
   We've enjoyed the local levee system a
number of times. But that gets a little tough
on very hot days because there's little shade
along those trails.
    We really enjoy the Lehigh Gorge Trail
in the White Haven area. There's river and
trees on one side and trees and rock walls
on the other.
     You can almost picture the trains that
used to run there when you see the remains
of old utility poles and railroad ties scattered
here and there.
      But although we walk basically the same
distance on each hike the Gorge Trail has
always seemed to be just slightly longer
than the others.
      I wondered how that could be. I mean
two miles is two miles. Right?
      It had me a bit confused until I finally
realized we were walking uphill one way!
Now, admittedly, it wasn't much of a hill.
But the old rail bed has a 2% grade when
you're walking "up river."
      Since we usually started in White Haven
and walked south the walk back was, in
fact, uphill.
       It's more noticeable to those riding
bikes over a great distance than we take on.
But it does make a difference.
        So on Sunday we reversed our course
and did the uphill part first. After you've
used half your energy it's a great feeling
to know the last part is down hill all the
way! Just wanted to "level" with you!
        Hope you've got more ups than
downs and that all your NEWS is good!

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