Sunday, August 6, 2017


     MONDAY, AUGUST 7TH., 2017

     Part of my daily routine during
vacation last week involved a trip to
the playground with my two year old
     Playgrounds do not look the same
as the ones I remember!
      The one at the shore had a device
similar to one we used to call the
"Merry" or "Jinny Go Round."
       In the old days if was made of
wood and pipes. Some of the kids
pushed  and the others hung on for
dear life as centrifugal force tried
to throw us off onto the dirt and
rocks on which the playground was
       The one in Wildwood Crest
was made of molded plastic with
seat-like spots built on the inner
area. Even if you could fall out
you'd land on a playground floor
made of a rubber base that yields
to you when you land!
        The see-saw is a molded
form too! Yesterday I saw one of
the old metal ones that had all
kinds of places to pinch your
fingers or toes.
         I had hoped to see the old
tall sliding board I used to enjoy
too but it fell victim to the
insurance company that demanded
it be dismantled!
        I'm glad today's kids are a
lot safer thanks to modern equipment.
And it makes me proud to have
survived the old ones!
        Hope you're still safe and that
all your NEWS is good!


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