Tuesday, June 12, 2018


   WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13TH., 2018

   One of the  really great parts of our
Travelworld Cruise to Canada was the
food served on board the Norwegian
    There's a variety of restaurants, a
huge buffet and at least one place open
24/7. Since all but the specialty
restaurants are included in your cruise
package there's really no reason to dine
anywhere but on ship.
     That said, I had my heart set of getting
lobster in Bar Harbor, Maine and started
looking for possible venues as soon as we
got on shore.
       Imagine my surprise when I found
the Route 66 Restaurant!
       This is the perfect place for those
who grew up in the 50's or 60's or just
enjoy the music and/or artifacts from
that era!
        You walk under a yellow Nash to get
into the place (you'll have to explain that
to most anyone under 50) and step into a
world full of reminders of life as it was
some 60 years ago.
         There are toys, posters, radios,
games, license plates and everything
else 50's and 60's placed everywhere!
Literally thousands of collectables!
          Each booth features a Drive In
Theater speaker from which music from
that time period is just a turn of the
volume knob away!
            I managed to find my lobster
there too. In  my case "Lazy Man's Lobster."
The chef did all the work and I got all the
meat without having to crack one shell!
Then, of course, there was Blueberry pie
and ice cream! Fresh Maine Blueberries!
           I never thought I'd be sailing into
the past but I'd book passage to this place
           Hope I get back again someday
and that all your NEWS is good!

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