Monday, June 11, 2018


  TUESDAY, JUNE 12TH., 2018

   Our Travelworld cruise to Canada
offered some fantastic entertainment
    Every night the stage on the
Norwegian Gem was filled with
dancers, comedians, singers, and
even a husband and wife acrobatic
act that thrilled the audience with
feats of daring.
     Nearly every lounge along the
length of the ship provided live
entertainment for those who stopped
by for a drink or just to listen.
      Then there was my wife!
      Somewhere along the line she
felt the need to volunteer for some
of the audience participation portions
of the events offered on board.
       She was picked for one called
"Battle of the Sexes!"
        Basically the game pitted a
group of women against a group of
men with some unusual challenges!
        The first had each team racing
to see which could put on then take
off a T-shirt passed from person to
person then back to the front of the
line. The women won.
         Next members had to hold an
apple under their chin and pass it to
the next team mate until it had come
full circle back to the first contestant.
The women won.
          The third challenge alternated
boy-girl in a line with everyone
challenged to sing a different song
(at east part of a song) without
repeating any tune. Any player
repeating a song or taking more than
three seconds to come up with one
was eliminated. The team with the
most players left standing was the
winner. The women won.
         Finally, with the help of
"supplies" from the audience, both
teams had to stack a pile of shoes to
see which could build the highest
"tower." The men won. But as someone
pointed out, they wear bigger shoes!
           Overall, as you can see, the
women won the day and  a plastic
water bottle from the cruise line.
            Fortunately we were not
selected to compete in the "Perfect
Couple game" which involved, among
other things, the task of having the woman
place a lime in the bottom of the man's
trouser leg, then rolling it around until it
came out the other side!
            That sight had me begging my
wife not to volunteer "us" for any other
              That said I must admit the fun
never stopped until the cruise came to an
             Think I'll confine my entertainment
offerings to my Blog. Hope that's OK and
that all your NEWS is good!

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