Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Tuesday, June 5th
I’m not quite sure where Dad finds the list of unusual holidays, observances, and celebrations he often shares with his readers, but it must be different from the one I’ve been using. Of course, many of his musings are inspired by daily life events and travel experiences. He never seems to run out of interesting things to share.
I’ve only attempted to fill in for three days now and feel like I’m running out of material. (In fairness, I warned you ahead of time that I’ve never blogged before.) You should also keep in mind that I wasn’t exactly invited to do this, either. I hope Dad’s blog fans will return when he does!
I guess I’ve always felt that Dad and I have a similar sense of humor, a need to keep others informed, and an inclination to entertain. So I figured my writing style might not be too far off from his. Additionally, my grandmother, Dad’s mom, wrote a lot of poetry and my cousin, Dad’s nephew, has authored several books. (Check out Anthony DeCosmo on Amazon.com). So, I thought writing might be “in the blood”. Alas, my writing amounts to a few love letters to my husband, birthday notes and thank you cards to friends, and a short skit for our Kindergarten class graduation this week. To call myself a writer is delusional.
Luckily enough, June 5th is the “Festival of Popular Delusions Day” so I guess it’s alright. According to my (extremely limited) research, this observance has its roots in World War II. June 5th was the day before Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy. Thus it was “. . . the last day that Nazis could have had the delusion that their Reich would last 1,000 years . . .” (Checkiday.com)
I think to a certain point, we all have ideas that we cling to despite evidence to the contrary. So whether you believe yourself to be a writer, a chef, or an athlete, I hope your dreams come true, your efforts pay off, and that all your NEWS is good.
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