Sunday, June 10, 2018


   MONDAY, JUNE 11TH., 2018

     It's already been a week since our
Travelworld Cruise to Canada got under
      The Norwegian Gem was a fantastic
vessel. Literally a city at sea!
      Everyone has been asking what I
liked best or what impressed me the
most about our cruise. Several answers
come to mind. Some serious and some
rather amusing. But I have to say one of
the things that really sticks out in my
mind took place just a short time after
we pulled out of our berth and started
down the Hudson River heading towards
the open ocean.
        Our route took us right past "Lady
Liberty." The Statue of Liberty! And as
we approached the rock and roll that
had been entertaining passengers since
the moment they stepped on board
halted and the ship's massive PA speaker
system began playing the Star Spangled
Banner!  Most of us stopped what we were
doing and stood to honor our country.
        It was very moving!
        And speaking of moving the deck
band picked up the pace as we headed
out to sea with a call for folks on the
dance deck to show off their moves to
the tune of "YMCA."
        We were again impressed to see
many of our senior citizen sailors joining
in! And a couple were pretty darn good!
        Afterwards most folks dug into the
bar-b-q served on deck or danced to the
music sending us out to sea!
        There's much more to tell, and show
so check in with the Blog for "the rest of
the story!" Meanwhile, Hope all your
NEWS is good!

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