Thursday, June 14, 2018


  THURSDAY, JUNE 14TH., 2018

    Most of you know June 14th is Flag
Day. Many of you may not realize it is
also my eldest daughter's Birthday!
     As our first born Cassie has survived
more of my wild imagination than her
     She was the first to hear various fairy
tales as I delivered them. I'm not sure
just how old she was before she first
realized that Little Red Riding Hood
had nothing to do with the Old woman
who lived in a shoe or that Snow White's
friends were the seven dwarfs and not the
seven midgets as I suggested.
      Worst or all was her exposure to
various melodies as I presented them.
       She seemed to like my rendition
of "The Carnivorous Beast of the
Cranberry Bog" which I sang during a
camping visit to New  England.
       It wasn't until many years into her
teaching career that she learned I had
"borrowed" the melody from a movie
called "Those Magnificent Men In Their
Flying Machines."
        My tune "Daddy Loves You Baby
Cassie" was always popular with her
when she was a toddler.
        It was a very long time before she
learned that melody was actually
written as the Gillette Look Sharp
March." She inserted the tune into our
Father/Daughter dance at her wedding!
        In was common, when she was little,
to hear me sing "Daddy's Home" when I
returned from work. To this day I can't
remember where I came up with that
tune. But I don't think it was anything
from Broadway. Who knows? Maybe I
actually composed it!
         Anyhow today I'm singing "Happy
Birthday" to Cassie and I just want her
to know I didn't write that one.....before
she tells anyone I did!
         Happy Birthday Cassie. Daddy's
home, loves you, and hopes all your NEWS
is good!


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