Saturday, June 9, 2018


    SATURDAY, MAY 9TH., 2018
                 HE'S BACK!

    Well dear Blog friends my ship has
come in and is was not the Titanic! It
was the Norwegian Gem and a gem of a
ship it is!
      Our Travelworld Cruise to Canada
was fantastic and shared with some
wonderful people from the Dingman's
Ferry area as well as Wilkes-Barre and
       But before launching into today's
Blog I must offer a big thank you to
my daughter Cassie who filled in this
space while I was at sea! After reading
her blogs I think it's safe to go on
vacation more often and turning the
column over to her!
        In fact her blogs were so good
many of you would probably prefer
I stay on vacation!
        Karl is one of those folks! He
watched the house for us while we were
gone and I was happy to find it still here
upon our return!
         I've come back with  a few stories
and enough photos to drain Walmart's ink
supply should I decide to print them all!
         But let's begin with
         Canada is amazing. But there are
two things about our visit that really
amazed me!
          First, we couldn't find any popcorn!
          My wife's now year long obsession
with popcorn had me checking everywhere
for the treat. There were chips and nuts
at virtually every turn. But no Popcorn!
            This information could, I believe,
prove to be very profitable to some
aggressive entrepreneur willing to move
to the land of Mounties and Maple Leaves!
             My wife had to go "cold Turkey"
until we found a gourmet popcorn
place in Bar Harbor (and you thought
all they had was lobsters!)
             I am also amazed and happy to
report I have returned to the United States
with no Canadian dimes, nickels, or pennies
in my pockets!
              I paid cash for a Coke at a Food
Truck and received all of my change in
U.S. currency! I didn't ask any questions.
I just took the money and ran!
              More on our exciting adventure
will be coming up as soon as I get my
"land legs" back! Till then here's hoping
all you NEWS is good!

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