Wednesday, January 3, 2018


              A WINNING WHIM!

    Under normal circumstances I suppose
we would have just lounged around the
house Wednesday. The sun was shinning
but the temperatures outside still weren't
very inviting.
    As it happens, however, my wife and I
both had appointments with our Podiatrist
so staying home wasn't an option. That was
OK by me anyway. Our Foot Doctor has
some really comfortable chairs so while
he's checking your feet you can get a nice
     Once he gave us our walking papers
(That's a joke. You know. Foot Doctor.
Walking papers!) I had a thought. It was
a bit late for lunch and just a little early
for supper but I suggested we take a short
drive and have something to eat.
      I was thinking about Stookey's Bar-B-
Q Stand along Route 11 in West Nanticoke.
We had "rediscovered" the place back in
March after not having been there for
several years. I can't imagine why we had
been MIA so long. The Bar-B-Q's are
really great! They're very tasty, big,
inexpensive, and they remind me of the
ones we used to get at the long gone
Knotty Pine Restaurant outside Hazleton
where I first met my wife.
      The place also has what you might
call a track record. Since it's been open
since 1926 the folks there must be doing
something right/
       Anyhow we follow my whim, and
Route 11, and were enjoying our
Bar-B-Qs and some golden French
fries in less than an hour.
        I was about to pay the bill when
the young lady at the register announced
that I was the 45th customer of the day
and, in keeping with some strange Stookey's
tradition, was entitles to a free meal!
        If future whims prove as successful
I could get to like this year pretty quickly!
Hope your day is great and that all your
NEWS is good!


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