Monday, January 1, 2018


           LET'S BEGIN AGAIN!

    Wow. It seems like just yesterday people started
complaining that Christmas decorations were going
up in all the stores and we were just getting ready
for Thanksgiving!
   Where's all the Christmas music now? I mean
St. Nicholas Day is still ahead (on January 6th.)
and "Russian" or "Orthodox Christmas" is January
7th. I did find some "Holiday hits" still playing on
Sky Piano and "Sounds of the Season" on Comcast!
   But Valentine Cards and flowers are already on sale
in most stores even while there's still New Year's
confetti scattered in the streets.
   So here's the thing! We're too quick to do away
with Christmas and the holiday week leading up to
and including New Year's day!
   I say we start over!
   Look, the decorations are still up and, as I said,
"Russian Christmas" is just short of a week away.
Let's  enjoy "the season!"
   You can do something special for January 6th or
7th. Maybe a meal for the family or with friends.
Maybe a small gift for the loved ones. Maybe one
more "Merry Christmas" greeting!
   Today is "National Motivation and Inspiration
Day" so the "spirit of the season" should inspire
us all. By the way, it is a National Day, passed by
a Congressional resolution!
   This way we still have time to make those New
Year's resolutions too as New Year on the Julian
calendar falls on Monday, January 14th!
   The "official" hassle is over so we
can observe this holiday at our own pace!
   That's what I'm going to let me be the
first to wish you "Merry Christmas!" Hope all
you New Year NEWS is good!

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