Thursday, January 4, 2018


     FRIDAY, JANUARY 5TH., 2018

    As you may know from your favorite
TV Weatherman those of us living in
northeastern Pennsylvania are facing
some bone chilling arctic temperatures!
    Friday will be the coldest day of the
year! Of course the year will only be 5
days old. And whatever records are set
will probably be broken the following
day when the winds get stronger and the
temperatures fall still more!
    There are several things I don't miss
after "retiring" from the regular news
beat. I still think election nights top the
list but covering winter is right up there
    Whenever a winter "event" was
expected there was no doubt I would
find myself out in the weather telling
my audience about it! To this day many
of my viewers believe I was a weatherman!
     The Assignment Desk knew all of the
spots where the snow would look the
deepest or the bitter cold would form
ice. If those spots were also places where
we could do a Live report it was a sure
bet I'd be going there!
     The Assignment Director and the
actual meteorologist (or weatherman)
spent the bulk of their day in a warm
     My cameraman and I would be
dependent on our car heater while we
fought our way through the weather
to get to those snowy and icy spots  where
we'd shoot video, try to get an interview
or two, then stand outside to be on Live
      Twice during my career I found
myself stranded on an area Interstate
overnight from just after our newscast
to about 6 the next morning! On one of
those occasions we were low on gas
and had to ration the time we turned
on the engine to run the heater for a few
        Memories of those two incidents
in particular still chill me whatever the
outside temperature!
         Think I'll just watch the new kids
from the warmth of my home during
this cold snap! Hope they've got warm
underwear and plenty of gas and that
all your NEWS is good!

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