Thursday, January 11, 2018


                     GOT MILK?

      MLK Day is coming up Monday but
January 11th is MILK Day! In fact it's
National Milk Day!
       I've always been a milk drinker.
I remember when the milkman used to
bring it right to our front door. For many
years those deliveries were made in a
horse drawn wagon. Up until the 1970's
one Hazleton dairy was still making
its deliveries that way.
         But other than white or chocolate
I don't remember there being different
types of milk! Oh I know there was
Goat milk. I'm told my brother-in-law
had to have that when he was a kid.
         Somewhere along the line
somebody introduced Low Fat Milk.
I always preferred the hard stuff myself.
Whole milk that is.
         Now there's so many kinds of
milk the tops have to be color coded.
1%, 2%, and so on. I still drink the
one with the red top!
         My grandson is being brought
up on Almond milk. He seems to love
it. I still don't understand how you can
milk an almond!
         I'll stick with the 'regular milk'
that comes from a cow. It still has a
lot of healthy qualities and there's
bound to be a pretty good supply
since the cows keep producing it
whether we drink it or not!
         And so a toast to all of you
on this National Milk Day and if
you happen to have a couple
cookies around for dunking I'm
OK with that too!
          Cheers! Hope all your NEWS
is good!

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