Friday, January 5, 2018


                  PERFECT TIMING!

    I've found one of those unusual holidays
that turns up just in the nick of time!
    Actually there's  a couple neat things
scheduled for January 6th. It's Orthodox
Christmas Eve. It's National Technology
Day. And who can forget the fact it's
also Fruitcake Toss Day!?
     But talk about a day with perfect
timing! As temperatures drop to their
lowest levels since most of us can
remember we have a chance to celebrate
"Cuddle Up Day!"
     The folks at
could not identify the founder or
founders of the day but they did come
up with a number of suggestions for
      Cuddle with your cutie,  snuggle with
your sweetie or  hug your honey .
      If there's nobody else around try
Cuddling up to a pet or just cuddling up
in your easy chair with a good book!
      Any of the above are great ways
to beat the arctic freeze! And every one
is warmer than going outside to toss a
       Have a warm cuddly day! Hope
all your NEWS is good!

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