Tuesday, January 9, 2018


               THE EARLY BIRD!

        As far back as I can remember I've
heard platitudes hailing the virtue and
benefits of getting up and starting early.
         There was a time when I had no
choice in the matter. Several times over
my lengthy career I served as the morning
man at a couple different radio stations.
When you sign on at 6am and live nearly
an hour away it's pretty clear you've got
to rise before the sun to get the job done!
          I never grew to love those early
starts! And when "retirement" came I
relished the ability to sleep in as late and
as often as possible.
            Unfortunately life doesn't always
conform to your schedule.
             And so it was I found myself
crawling out of bed ahead of my desired
reveille so I could drive my wife to her
doctor's appointment. Driving herself was
not an option because this particular
appointment was with her Ophthalmologist.
Those visits usually include eye drops
which can cloud one's vision for some time
after the appointment.
                Dealing with my own congestion
and cough I realized I'd find myself sitting
in the car with the heater going until she
finished lest I frighten other patients with
the unpleasant sounds of my cold.
                 Fortunately I didn't have to
wait long at all. My wife came out within
three minutes! I asked her what happened
and she told me she was early. "How
early" I asked. "One year" she said!
                  Her appointment was for
                  Hope I can take a nap and
that all your NEWS is good!


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