Thursday, January 11, 2018


      FRIDAY, JANUARY 12TH., 2018
                  ALL GONE!

   It's amazing how much can change from
one day till the next! I noticed it on
   I was busy working on my laptop
Wednesday when I heard my wife say
something about taking down a couple
of the Christmas decorations. I remember
asking if she needed some help and I
remember her saying "No, I'm just going
to do a little bit."
   I caught her disassembling the Nativity
set out of the corner of my eye. I know
she walked in front of me with a couple
wall decorations and put a snowman
face in a box on the rocker.
    Then I headed out. First to do some
quick shopping then to pick up my
grandson from Day Care.
     When he and I arrived back at my
house Christmas was gone! All gone!!!!!
      I honestly don't know how everything
disappeared so quickly!
    I'm sure my 2-year-old grandson was
surprised!. Santa, the snowman, and the tree
were all missing. And it wasn't the only
surprise he, and I, faced!
     Has anybody here seen my old friend
Barney? I just turned around and he was
     I've been taking my grandson to the
Wyoming Valley Mall from time to time
to try those small amusement rides set
up in one of the halls. His favorite was
the cartoon character Barney built on
a train-like ride. Barney, in his well
know voice, talks to the rider while he
or she shakes back and forth for about
90 seconds after you insert 75 cents!
      The last time we visited we found an
"Out of Order sign" on Barney." Even
though it wasn't working I allowed him
to sit on the ride for a couple minutes.
      When we visited Thursday Barney
was no where to be found! In his spot
we found a small airplane ride which
claimed the 75 cents I usually set
aside for Barney!
        I suggested Barney had been removed
to be repaired although I'm not so sure
that's really accurate. Maybe my wife
accidentally packed him away with our
musical Santa!
        At least I know the Christmas stuff
will be back later this year.
        Hope Barney makes a comeback too
and that all your NEWS is good!

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