Saturday, January 13, 2018


     SUNDAY, JANUARY 14TH., 2018

    So after enjoying "summer" on Friday
afternoon we left our church dinner in the
evening as the temperatures began to fall.
     It was the sound of the rain, rather heavy
rain, that captured my attention as I watched
some late night TV before turning in. It was
coming down very hard!
      The wind got a bit on the loud side
too during the night!
       It was the early morning silence that
had me wondering what was happening
next. As expected, it was a light snowfall
which fell on top of the rain which, by
then, had turned into a gaze of ice
        I got up pretty much resigned to
the thought I'd have to spend an hour
or more clearing the snow from the ice
if I'd have any chance of getting out at
       That's when I heard the steady,
loud roar of an engine that seemed to be
coming from just outside my house. It
didn't sound like a plow truck but it certainly
wasn't a car.
        Turned out it was a very good and
thoughtful neighbor who was giving his
snow blower a trail run! Earlier this year
I remember him telling me not to worry
if we got some snow this season. He said
he'd be ready for it and,  by gosh, he is!
         Of course being ready for a storm is
one thing. Making the extra effort to help
a neighbor is something else.
          Guess I shouldn't have been too
surprised. He's helped in other ways and
always does so with a smile! Talk about
a "good neighbor policy!"
          Hope you've got someone like that
nearby and that all your NEWS is good!

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