Tuesday, January 2, 2018



    Since Ringling Brothers folded its tent
last year my wife and I decided to take in
the circus by way of the new movie "The
Greatest Showman." It's an excellent
musical representation of the life of P.T.
      We hit the "circus" immediately
upon entering the theater. Two ladies,
standing just ahead of us at the ticket
booth, were studying the seating chart
on the attendant's computer screen
trying to decide where to sit in the
recently remodeled auditorium featuring
reclining leather-like seats.
        It seemed, for them. to be a very
difficult decision!
       It's kind of a neat idea knowing when
you're going to sit before you go in. The
only problem is the line that forms while
the people in front try to make their
decision. Or, of course, when you find
someone using the adjoining ticket
booth selected "your seats" while you
were waiting for the people ahead of
you to pick theirs!
        While the previews were playing
a lady approached me and asked for my
seat number. She had the right row but
was trying to figure out which seat was
hers. She finally found it.
        The feature was just getting started
when two women walked into the row
just in front of ours and discovered two
other people already sitting in their
reserved seats. Fortunately they resolved
the issue and sat down before the opening
music and lyrics began.
          I think Barnum would have
preferred to get as many people in as
quickly as possible! His big show was
in the three rings. Not in the seats!
          Hope the popcorn lasts till the
feature begins and that all your NEWS
is good!

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