Monday, January 8, 2018



    Christmas is over!
    Russian Christmas is over.
    New Year's Eve has come and gone.
    But don't despair. There's always a
holiday to be celebrated. And that
includes today.
     Just in case you didn't know January
9th is "National Static Electricity Day!"
I thought you'd get a charge out of that
shocking fact!
     It's a day to recognize, if not
celebrate, that sudden little electrical
zap you get when reaching for the door
knob after dragging you feet along the
     Or that interesting hairdo that
develops after rubbing a balloon over
your curly locks.
     Winter is prime time for static
      There's a scientific reason for the
creation of static electricity. It involves
atoms and protons and neutrons.
       If I could explain it I wouldn't
have spent all those days on the road
as a reporter standing outside in the
cold or rain or snow chasing bad
guys or describing horrible driving
conditions. Or writing a blog!
        Since I can't I just thought I'd
make you aware of this holiday.
        I can tell you you'd be wise to
ground yourself before you kiss your
significant other goodbye!
        Hope I've sparked your interest
and that all your NEWS is good!

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