Wednesday, December 14, 2016


               A BOXING MATCH

      No. Nobody was fighting. This "Boxing
Match" involved a group of church members
trying to match piles of coloring books, small
toys, books, and such to the proper recipients.
      You see our church has a ministry involving
 some disadvantaged kids from a tough
 neighborhood in Philadelphia.
       We're trying to make an impact on their
 lives there before they end up in our
 Juvenile Detention facility here.
         Our "Shoe Box Project" is part of that
 effort. On Wednesday evening a group of
 us formed a sort of assembly line around a
 table piled with the gifts I mentioned. First
 we filled a bunch of boxes with items we
 thought the little boys might like. Then we
 did the same for the little girls who'll be
 receiving them in time for this Christmas.
        You've got to see a bunch of grown
 men trying to determine which coloring
 book subject might best appeal to the
 girls as opposed to the boys. The women
 were rounding the table much faster than
        Then there was the wrapping crew!
  The project could have ended in disaster
  but, fortunately, no one asked me to wrap.
          I was absent when wrapping classes
  were held years ago and my gifts can be
  spotted well before anyone reads the
        In the end, a little over 200 boxes
   were filled and wrapped. They'll be
   headed to "The City Of Brotherly
   Love" this weekend. And their filled
   with love from people in Mountaintop.
        Hope they bring some real joy to
   the kids and that all your NEWS is

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