Thursday, December 8, 2016


            IT'S IN THE CARDS!

       I'm not sure in the mailman is
celebrating. But this is "Christmas
Card Day!"
       It's observed every December
9th.,  in honor of Sir Henry Cole of
England. Cole created the first commercial
Christmas Card in 1843. 
       Christmas cards are as much a part
of the holiday's traditions as Santa and
the Christmas tree.
       For many years those cards were
the most popular way for people in
one area of the country to exchange
their greetings with folks who lived
in another. More recently a lot of
those Hallmark cards have been
replaced with email and Facebook
        My wife and I still fashion our
annual Christmas card based on
scenes from the movie "A Christmas
Story." If you haven't seen the film
(although I find that hard to believe)
you'll probably think we're just crazy.
For some, whether they've see the
movie or not, we prove we are!
        The hardest part is trying to
reconstruct a scene. Thus far I think
we've been fairly successful.
         That said, here's our card to you
this season. Hope you like it, remember
it from the movie, and that all your
NEWS is good!


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