Sunday, December 18, 2016


     MONDAY, DECEMBER 19TH., 2016
                  DOUBLE TAKE

     My wife and I (mainly my wife) have
raised 3 kids and are currently trying to do
our part in the growing up process of six
grand children. The grand children part is
definitely easier.
      That said I have watched a lot of that
raising and growing up through the view
finder of a movie camera. If you'd care to
visit and watch some home movies you'll
need a sleeping bag and enough popcorn
to hold you for about four weeks. (We can
cut the time if you're willing to watch 24/7).
       Should you come you'll be seeing,
concerts, recitals, sporting events, and all
kinds of birthday and holiday parties for
the first time.
        For me they're all "Double takes."
Yesterday, for instance, we attended a
concert in which one of my grand
daughters was singing. I loved the music.
And I loved see her and her fellow students
on stage. But I was watching them through
that view finder in Black and White!
       As soon as I got home I began the task
of converting my video tape to dvd's to go
in that home movie collection. So, in
essence, I saw the concert twice in one
day. A "Double take" if you will. And
the second time was in color!
       Sometimes (often) there's copies
for others. So I may see the same event
three or four times in a single day. Heck
that's a Quadruple take!
        My youngest grandson probably
doesn't even know Grandpa has two
eyes and that "growth" on his face is a
         Hope they'll appreciate looking
back some day! And I hope all your
NEWS is good!


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