Tuesday, December 20, 2016


                 A SHORT SUBJECT

        It's December 21st. The Winter Solstice.
 The shortest day of the year! Or so they say!
        My wrist watch still ticks off 24 hours
 before this day we call Wednesday draws to
 a close. So, in that respect, it's exactly the
 same length as any other day.
         It is, however, the shortest day in terms
 of the amount of daylight we see. As a matter
 of fact if you lived at the North Pole you'd
 never see the sun at all today! Maybe that's
 why Santa heads out of there about this time
 each year.
        I don't know if it's got anything to do with
 the lack of sunlight or not. But this is also
 National Flashlight Day!
        But wait, there's more. December 21st is
 Crossword Puzzle Day, Forefather's Day, and
Humbug Day. The latter is a Copyrighted
        So rather than curse the darkness, grab
your flashlight and settle down with a good
Crossword puzzle about your Forefathers.
        Or, just stare out into the blackness and
yell "Bah Humbug!"
        On the brighter side, literally, every day
 from here on sees a little more daylight! And
 that's something to look forward to!
         Hope all your NEWS is good!

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