Friday, December 9, 2016


                    DEWEY DAY!

   Put on your party hats everybody! There's
plenty of reasons to celebrate today!
    December 10th is Nobel Prize Day, Jane
Addams Day and Human Rights Day!
     Your challenge is to list them in the proper
order! You see it's also Dewey Decimal System
      For those who don't already know, this
Dewey is not one of Donald Duck's nephews.
      This is the birthday of Melvil Dewey, the
man who created the Dewey Decimal System
to classify the method by which books are
filed in our libraries.
      A library assigns a Dewey Decimal number
 that locates a particular volume in a position
 relative to other books in the library. This makes
 it easy to find any particular book and return it to
a its proper place on the library shelves. That is
IF you returned those books your borrowed!
     I've always wondered if his inability to find
some book led to his elaborate system?
      Mr. Dewey probably wouldn't happy with my
approach to filing. It's "David's Decimal System!"
      My books are placed on shelves based mainly
on size. That is, how big is the book and where
can I squeeze it in! Unusually large volumes are
placed on top of others.
     When I'm searching for something in particular
I usually try to remember a cover or color. That helps
in my search. Sometimes!
      Of course I've got a limited collection so I don't
suppose my system would work as well in your
typical library.
      Dewey would be 143 if he were still alive. I
wonder if he'd be able to find a book on Amazon?
      Hope you know where your "classics" are and
that all your NEWS is good!

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