Tuesday, December 13, 2016



    Maybe I'm just thin skinned. I've found
myself bleeding a lot over the past couple
weeks from cuts that just shouldn't happen.
     I mean, who cuts their hand closing a
shampoo bottle? Me.
     How about finding a sharp spot on your
laptop you didn't realize was there. Yep. Me.
      Or reaching back to adjust your stadium
seat and finding a support rod sticking up
just waiting to cut into your hand. Again, me!
       These events all have something in
common, Besides me being clumsy. They
all required the immediate use of a band aid!
        The popular "brand name" band aid
most of us tend to think of was invented in
1920 by Thomas Anderson and Johnson &
Johnson employee Earle Dickson for his
wife Josephine, who frequently cut and burned
herself while cooking. (At least she had a
legitimate excuse!)
          When I cut myself on that stadium
seat I depended on my wife to retrieve a
band aid from her purse. Fortunately I
do not suffer from Hemophilia! There's
a lot of stuff in that bag!
           And there's another problem I've
found myself facing in the wake of these
minor cuts! Band aids now come in
about 50 different shapes and forms.
          As I rushed to the bathroom to
retrieve a band aid the other day I
first ran across a batch apparently
designed to cover pin holes. Then
another box filled with band aids
designed to go between your
fingers then cover a wide area
reaching towards your wrist.
          What happened to those
simple "normal shaped" band aids
that saved me through my growing
up years? Most of them look pretty
much the same on the outside of the
         The only sure way to get one
of what I consider "regular size" is
to find band aids featuring Sponge
Bob or Barney on the adhesive!
          Maybe I'll just get some
Scotch Tape and cotton balls!
Hope I don't need it....and that
all your NEWS is good!

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