Sunday, December 18, 2016


            PARTY ANIMALS!

     As I write I'm taking a deep breath
after just leaving our third Christmas
party in the past two days!
      I suppose there was a time when
I'd still be at the last one for another
hour or two. But, at the moment, I'm
partied out!
      As I reported yesterday my wife
and I were at the WYOU/WBRE
Holiday party on Friday night enjoying
time with old friends and meeting some
of the new gang on the job now.
      Saturday's weather had me a little
worried but, fortunately the snow and
early morning slippery roads gave way
to rain and we were off again.
      My daughter-in-law's Mom and
her hubby throw a fantastic family
party with some of the best home made
foods you'll ever see. I would have
camped out for the duration. But our
scheduled called for a trip back to
Wilkes-Barre where we joined my
daughter, son-in-law, two grandkids,
and their dates for the annual
Huntzinger's Karate-Martial Arts
School Christmas party.
       There were a lot of tough guys
(and girls) there and not just on the
Demonstration floor. Congressman
Lou Barletta was among the guests
who showed up to enjoy the evening.
As far as I know he didn't break any
        My grandson Jason did. He's a
Black belt and teaches at the school.
I just shot video and managed to duck
a few splinters that came flying in my
        We cram a lot of get together's
over these holidays. Maybe we ought
to start thinking about doing a few more
throughout the year.
          Hope you're enjoying family and
friends during the holidays and that all
your NEWS is good!

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