Thursday, December 15, 2016


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     So yesterday I told you about our church
project to pack shoe boxes for disadvantaged
kids in a rough section of Philadelphia. Now,
as the late Paul Harvey used to say, here's the
rest of the story.
     Our church hall was, of course, heated to
meet the challenge of the extremely cold
outside temperatures.
     After packing for awhile I found my throat
becoming very dry. One of our church members,
Mike, suggested I might find some soda or
water in the refrigerator.
      Sure enough there was a good choice of
bottled water and soft drinks available. I opted
for the Diet Coke. That way I knew I'd have
room for a chocolate peanut butter cup when
I got home.
      But that's when I realized there were no
cups near the fridge. There was an adequate
supply of paper bowls. But no paper or
plastic cups. I considered drinking right from
the bottle. But Mike, the same guy who
steered me to the soda told me exactly where
I could find cups in the adjoining room.
      They were very near a coffee maker. But
not being a coffee drinker I wasn't familiar
with that particular shelf.
       Mike knew just where to send me in
both cases. I thanked him then and I thank
him again here.
        And perhaps I should mention that the
Mike who steered this "trained observer"
to the cup I desperately
legally blind!
        Hope we all take a lesson from that,
and that all your NEWS is good!

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