Tuesday, December 27, 2016



       What happened? Is it Global warming?
 Or, perhaps, the end of life as we now know
        My wife and I have been married 47
 years. And not once, during any of those
 years, has she consumed popcorn!
         Then came yesterday. We drove to
 Cinemark specifically to purchase the
 Popcorn Bucket the theater chain sells
 every December. We didn't come to see
 a movie. Just to buy the bucket that gives
 you a discount every time you buy
 popcorn. I got mine two weeks ago. But
 my daughter asked that I get one for her.
          Of course when you buy the bucket
 it comes filled with popcorn. I made my
 purchase then ran back outside to the car
 where my wife was waiting.
           As I drove away I noticed her try
 a piece of popcorn. This in and of itself
 was very surprising because she's always
 feared those little pieces of kernels that
 always find their way in between teeth
 or can lodge in your throat.
           But as I drove on she reached in
 for still more. And by the time we got
 to my daughter's house, the popcorn
 was all gone!
           This is a serious and somewhat
 scary development. It's not that I fear
 damage to my wife's near perfect teeth
 or the chance she'll suddenly choke on
 one of those kernels. The problem 
 involves the possibility this will become
 a habit and I'll have to share what has
 become my normal quantity of Orville
 Redenbacher's perfect popcorn!
           Maybe I'll need another bucket!
 Hope all your NEWS is good!


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