Thursday, December 29, 2016


     FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30TH., 2016

      Do you guys remember the movie where
 the aliens come down and leave big pods all
 over the town? The pods turn into the people
 we know and the people we knew are
       I mention it because I'm trying to
 determine if it's actually happened at my
       I already told you that my wife is
 suddenly eating popcorn after 47 years of
 avoiding the stuff. But wait, there's more.
       My grandson brought his new pellet
  pistol along on our winter picnic Wednesday
  to do some target shooting out in the forest.
  But about midway through my hot dog I
  looked out to see my wife holding and
  cocking his gun! Then she aimed at the
  paper plate target he had set out on a tree
  and opened fire! I saw the projectile hit
  the plate and heard her ready the gun for
  still another shot. Bam! Again the paper
  plate shook from the impact.
        I was shocked to see her handle the
  pellet pistol and just as stunned to see
  her accuracy!
        But what caused this sudden urge to
  mimic "Dirty Harry?"
        Maybe it was just a chance to spend
  some quality time with our grandson. Or,
  it may have something to so with the fact
  two of our grand daughters will soon be 16.
        I mention that possibility as something
  would be suitors might want to consider.
        I will keep the paper plate as a reminder
  to be nice to her. Hope all my NEWS, and
  yours, is good!


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