Sunday, December 11, 2016


                   SIDE SHOW!

    Let's face it. If you're 45 or over odds
are your kids or grandkids know more
about modern electronics and computers
than many of you do!
     That's certainly true around our
house. It's been nearly a year since our
then 5-year-old grand daughter was
showing a video to my wife on her
(the grand daughter's) hand held unit.
Instead of the video she was attempting
to display a rotating circle appeared on
the screen. The grand daughter had to
explain to my wife that the selection
was "buffering."
      Up till then we thought the term
had something to do with treating a
headache! Or shining the car!
       Of course both her Dad and Mom
know electronics so I suppose we
could have expected she'd be ahead of
the game even at 5!
        But Thursday, as I held my 16-
month-old grandson in front of my
laptop to show him videos of model
train layouts, he reached out with his
tiny fingers and managed to hit three
keys. Just the right keys it seems to
turn my screen display sideways!
         I've seen that with photos on
occasion. But there's an option with
photos that allows you to turn them
upside down or sideways.
         There was no such option I was
aware of on my screen and, even if
there were, I'd probably have trouble
finding it with a screen on which the
top appeared on the right. I tried
tilting my head, But it did no good.
         His Mom showed up and found
herself in the same boat. She didn't
know how he had done it.
          Fortunately she works with a
tech. She called him and he relayed
instructions that allowed me to
"right the ship" (or, in this case, my
           Now I'm wondering if the
grandson made the switch by
accident...or just to test us!
           Hope I can remember that
"undo trick"...and that all your
NEWS is good!

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