Monday, December 12, 2016


     TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13TH., 2016
                   SENIOR CLASS?

      Those who know me well know I never
went to college. But I taught in two of them.
       Some how word must have spread.
       I'm suddenly getting a lot of emails
 encouraging me to sign up for on-line
 institutions "of higher learning." Let me
 be clear. The offers are not limited to
 schools offering instructions via the
 web. In fact many don't even name any
 specific school.
       All point out that I may qualify for
 funding for additional education. The
 latest, received just yesterday, tells me
 I may qualify for $6,775 in financial
 aid and encourages me to finish my
 application on line to begin classes.
         As it happens there is a specific
 school connected to this offer. It came
 from "True Kitchen."
         Apparently they not only know I
 didn't go to college, they also know I'm
 not a very good cook.
         I'm tempted. But while the application
 for aid can be done on line, it doesn't
 indicate if the classes are. And, seeing
 that True Kitchen is located in Phoenix AZ
 I'm not sure I want to go that far to make
 sure I don't burn my toast.
         It's nice of all these places to think
 of me and offer financial aid. Of course
 I'd rather if they just sent the money.
         Hope all your NEWS is good!


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