Saturday, December 3, 2016


          NAUGHTY OR NICE?

      We may have a few weeks before
Christmas. But according to Holiday December 4th is "Santa's
List Day!"
       Now as we all know, Santa actually
has two lists. There's the Naughty List
and the Nice List.
        For many years the Naughty List
was a major factor in northeastern
Pennsylvania's economy. That's because
the naughty kids traditionally got coal
for Christmas. I don't know if Santa is
still carrying a supply of anthracite. Or
if those on the Naughty List just don't
get anything.
         After all coal prices are pretty
high so a sock full or two is nothing to
sneeze at!
         Just for the record, I have been
extremely nice this year. I note it here
just in case Santa checks the blog. Since
that's the case  have prepared my own
list of proposed gifts from which Santa
can choose. I like to be helpful!
         Hope you're on the Nice List so
that all your NEWS is good! 

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