Saturday, December 10, 2016


     SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11TH., 2016
            HUNGRY FOR HOME!

       My wife and I got in the car and
 headed for my old home town Saturday.
 For some reason, perhaps seasonal
 nostalgia, I had a hunger for Hazleton.
       As I pointed out in a previous blog
 the house where I was born and in
 which  grew up (well, got older anyway)
 is up for sale. But my "hunger" didn't
 take me there.
        I was more interested in a few well
 know stops at which could address that
        The first was Senape's Bakery for
 a box of the square pizza I've enjoyed
 cold or hot for as long as I can remember.
 We decided to take them home to snack
 on through the week.
         About then it was time for lunch.
  And, as Jimmy's hotdogs were just
  about a mile or so away, we drove
  downtown to stop by there. Providence
  provided a parking spot right in front
  of my favorite hot dog restaurant so I
  ran inside and picked up two for each
  of us. We opted to omit the onions so
  as not to carry their aroma with us for
  the next thousand miles or so.
          As we started back to Wyoming
  Valley it occurred to me that our
  pizza purchase was to serve us through
  the week. But Saturday's dinner plans
  remained a mystery.
         Our favorite spot, The Knotty Pine,
  restaurant, where we first met, is long
  gone. So we headed to a local
  convenience store that carries another
  of Hazleton's culinary masterpieces,
  the "Third Base Hoagie." Dinner was
  then in the bag, literally!
          A noted novel suggests "You Can't
  Go Home Again." Maybe not. But you
  can swing by for food!
          Hope I got enough pizza and that
   all your NEWS is good!


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