Wednesday, December 28, 2016


                THE PICNIC PEOPLE!     

       Those who read my blog or even my
 daily Facebook posts already know my
 family and I do what some folks consider
 to be "strange things."
         Perhaps the strangest is our habit of
 heading out anywhere on short notice to
 have a picnic.
        I even wrote a Family song about it
 which each child and grandchild is expected
 to memorize and sing!
        "Oh, we are the picnic people.
          The picnic people are we.
          We jump in the car,
          and go real far.
          Just to see what we can see.
          Oh we are the picnic people.
          The picnic people are we. Hey!!!!

          Technically, I suppose, this
   publication serves as a Copyright so
   don't go recording it yourself!
          Anyway on Wednesday when
   the temperatures struggled to reach
   freezing, My wife, daughter, two
   grandkids, and one exchange student,
   traveled to the woods of Sullivan
   County, where we took over a
   pavilion built in the 1930's by the
   Civilian Conservation Corps. It has a
   huge fireplace. So my grandson started
   a blaze and we roasted hot dogs, followed
   by marshmallows and a piece of Apple
          We were warm enough, well fed,
   and happy. Even their pet dog enjoyed
   the day.
           Some folks around these parts
    have memories of their summer
    outings. We make them anytime.
    But then, we are the picnic people!
          Hope all your NEWS is good!  



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