Wednesday, December 21, 2016



    I paid a visit to my local Wal-Mart yesterday.
 The place was filled with holiday shoppers. And
 the routine is always the same.
    Everyone roams the store as quickly as possible
 then makes a run towards the check out line.
    Here's the way it works. You cruise right by
 those check out lines searching for the one that
 will get you out quickly. That means you've either
 got to find one just waiting for a customer or you've
 got to pick one with only one customer ahead of
 you and hopefully with a very few items in his or
 her shopping cart.  
     Of course there are no guarantees. Just about
 the time you get behind that one guy with just
 a few items you find he's got trouble with his
 credit or debit card. While you're waiting for
 the problem to be resolved, three people with
 totally loaded carts breeze through the lines to
 your left and right.
      These days you can choose to scan your own
 items and pay your bill with a card or
 a machine.
       Seems everybody's looking for ways to
 avoid the lines. I even found one customer who
 decided to park their car in a manner that
 effectively tied up two parking spots. Of course
 it was fairly close to the front doors! Chances
 are the driver couldn't stay in the lines in a
 coloring book with.
        Hope you remember your Senior discount
 and that all your NEWS is good.


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