Wednesday, December 7, 2016


       THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8TH., 2016

     Things always get busy around the Christmas
season. As Willy Wonka finally observed
correctly, "There's so much to do and so little
      But at least we no longer faced a lengthy
scheduled of soccer and volleyball games that
kept us going through the fall. There was no
where we felt we had to go. And then came
       Our daughter's foreign exchange
student decided he wanted to try out for the
High School team. So, on Wednesday evening
we found ourselves at a "Meet the team night"
at Holly Redeemer High School.
       Each member of every team, JV's, Varsity,
the Girl's squad, and the Cheerleaders were
introduced to the audience after which some
special competition was presented for the
evening's entertainment.
       During one segment tickets were drawn
to determine which of the fans in attendance
would join a couple players on the court for
a shooting contest. I watched my two adult
daughters sigh with relief as their numbers
were not among those announced. I also had
an eye on my wife who held our two tickets.
I was totally willing to give both to her had
one of our numbers been called.
      The thought of seeing her at mid court
trying to reach the basket was reason enough
to enjoy the evening. Fortunately, for her,
we were not among the "winners."
      Now I suppose we'll find ourselves
venturing o at least a few home games this
season to support our family's visitor. At
least basketball is played indoors in a
warm gymnasium!
      Hope there's food too and that all
your NEWS is good!


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