Tuesday, September 27, 2016


                  A TUESDAY TOUR!

        My wife and I had the day off Tuesday. No
   grandkid's sporting events to attend. No immediate
   shopping needs. So we had to decide what to do.
         It was $5 day at the movies so that was a
   possibility. But the bright sun, reasonable
   temperatures, and forecasts of rain to come
   prompted our decision to put the top down and
   head out for a nice ride.
         We talked about a couple possible
   destinations. Williamsport was mentioned. As
   was Lewisburg, Bloomsburg, and even
   Sunbury. We just couldn't decide. So we
   went to them all!
           It was neat to see the Little League
   Stadium without all the people around and
   the Susquehanna looked fantastic around
   the inflatable dam at Sunbury!
           We stopped for ice cream in Lewisburg
    and battled some Fair traffic in Bloomsburg!
            In the end we covered 150 miles,
    enjoyed the views, and the day long fall
    sunshine! And I'm still half tanked! That is
    to say I still have a half tank of gas! Hope we
    get to do it again soon and that all your NEWS
 is good!


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