Monday, September 5, 2016


      TUESDAY, SEPEMBER 6TH., 2016

        OK Gang. Labor Day is over! Time
to get to work! As you probably already
know September 6th is "Fight Procrastination
       Mark Twain told us "Never put off till
tomorrow what you can do today."
       Most of us tend to be procrastinators
even when we really don't intend to be.
I know I have to put the trash out every
Wednesday for Thursday pickup. And I
do. But it's likely the last thing I do at
night even though I've had all day to do
      Of course I rationalize. If I wait till
the last minute I'll get every bit of trash
including that last napkin I throw away
right after my evening snack. The thought
usually convinces me to put off my job
till the very last minute.
       But this is only Tuesday. I don't
even have to think about the trash till
       If you've got anything that should
be done get to it now! Don't put it off!
Don't procrastinate! Be like me.........
Fight procrastination!
      I've been thinking I should take a
nap! So I'm going to do it right now!
      Hope you follow my example.....
and that all your NEWS is good!


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