Thursday, September 8, 2016




      It's probably buried under a thousand
gifts already. But when my newest
grandson was born 13 months ago I
bought him a little Teddy Bear from the
Hospital gift shop.
      It came to my mind when I realized
September 9th is Teddy Bear Day!
      There was a day when a Teddy Bear
was many a child's very first toy.
      They became popular back in the
early 1900's when President Theodore
Roosevelt refused to shoot a small bear
while hunting in Mississippi.
       Toy store owners, Morris and Rose
 Michtom, wrote to President Roosevelt
 for permission to call their stuffed animals
 "Teddy Bears." It worked out pretty
well for the Michtom's whose enterprise
became the Ideal Toy Company.
        I remember the day one of my
grand daughters spotted one in an
Antique shop. She was very young at
the time but just had to have that
Teddy Bear. Somehow she ended up
with it that Christmas!
       I even wrote a poem about it!
        With your permission, I'd like
to share that poem with you on the
"Teddy Bear Day."
        I'm just a little Teddy Bear.
I can't care for myself. Oh so many
years ago I sat on a toy store shelf.
        Then one day a lovely lady
carried me away. And gave to a little
girl. And every day we'd play.
         Those days were filled with
happiness. And love and joy and
laughter. For just one child and
Teddy Bear there is no thought of
         But years went by too quickly.
 All too soon my playmate grew.
 And one day I was all alone. No one
 to cuddle to.
         An Antique shop was not so bad.
There, at least, were other toys. But oh
how much I longed for the smiles of
girls and boys.
         And then one night a little girl
just simply passing by, glanced towards
the chair on which I sat. And love was
in her eyes!
         She smiled at me so brightly
 as though she thought me new.
 She didn't want to let me go. But
 soon the night was through.
          I thought I'd stay there all alone.
 Who knows how many years? And if a
 Teddy Bear could cry you'd surely
 see my tears.
         But just in time St. Nick arrived
 and carried me away! He knew where
 my new playmate lived, and took me to
 her today!
         You see dear friends it's Christmas
 and Santa seems to know...that for this
 child and Teddy Bear, their love will
 always grow!
        There are so many things people
buy for kids today. Most will
eventually be forgotten. Even
the trusty Teddy Bear will likely
end up in a trunk or perhaps
passed along to the Salvation Army.
        But many of us, me included,
have memories of our very first
friend.....our Teddy Bear.
         Hope you have, or remember
yours, and that all your NEWS is

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