Tuesday, September 6, 2016


                 THE TRIFECTA!

     My wife and I pulled it off yesterday!
The Trifecta!
     But this was no horse race. That would
have made things too easy. You know, 3
horses all on the same track at the same
time and under two minutes to get the
     No. Ours was a "Grandparents
     Here's how it works. You have three
grandkids on three different teams, in
three different places all playing at times
that overlap. None of the three play an
entire game.
       So you've got to get to all three and,
hopefully, do so at a time when your
grandchild is playing! An almost
impossible task.
        Under normal circumstances we'd
probably just alternate days, teams, and
grandkids. But yesterday we thought
we've give it the old college try.
Fortunately our grandson in college
isn't on any teams this year!
        We started in Plymouth where
our grand daughter's Volleyball team
was taking on Wyoming Valley West.
There were three games before hers.
But we managed to see about half of
her game and watch her play.
        Next it was off to Wyoming to
catch our grandson's soccer game.
Lady luck was with us as he came
into the game a couple minutes after
we arrived. At half time we pulled
out, bound for Lake Lehman where
his sister is on the Girl's soccer team.
         She wasn't in the game when
we arrived so we had to be satisfied
with some food from the concession
stand. Not long after, however, we
saw her take the field!
         We had done it! The Grand
Parents Trifecta! We saw and
cheered for each of them. Perhaps
more importantly...they saw us.
And they know we really care!
        Hope the schedules are a
little more separated in the weeks
ahead...and that all your NEWS
is good!

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