Sunday, September 11, 2016


             GEORGIA BOUND!

     By the time most of you read this our
 nephew will be either back home in
 Georgia or on his way.
     He'll return with memories of a
 weekend spent with loving family
 members and a first hand experience
 of what it's like to visit an Ice Cream
      Seems that even with all that good
 weather the "Peach State" doesn't have
 anything to compare with our Blue
 Ribbon Dairy in West Pittston! And
 that conclusion comes straight from
 our nephew who one was a DQ
       He was shocked to walk into
 an establishment with tables and
 menus that ONLY served ice cream
       We decided to boost his belief
 system by ordering from that menu
 and judging from his
 worked! I myself sacrificed by
 ordering a malt milkshake while
 the others opted for sundaes!
       We also suggested he consider
 bringing a similar franchise back
 home to Georgia!
         Hope he does and that all your
 NEWS is good!


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