Wednesday, September 14, 2016


                WHAT GOES AROUND...!

       My grand daughter celebrated her 15th
 Birthday yesterday. On Saturday I'll observe
 my 74th. So what, besides our love for one
 another, might bring these two generations
       The answer was as much a surprise to
 me as the last present she opened from her
 parents last evening was to her.
       Although the design is remarkably
 different from those I was used in my
 many years as a radio disk jockey, her
 gift was undoubtedly a Record Player!!!!
       The joy in her eyes was amazing!
 Seems she and, perhaps, a growing number
 of young people have suddenly developed
 an interest in vinyl records. Given the
 tremendous leaps in fidelity thanks to
 digital technology it's surprising that the
 sound of music produced by a needle
 riding in the grove of a vinyl record, hiss
 and dust included, is becoming a very
 "In" thing!
         Of course now that she's got a record
 player she'll need of some 45's and/or 33 1/3
 rpm albums. And that's where grandpa may
 be of some assistance.
        I can't assume she'll like all the "old
 songs" I used to play as a DJ. But there are
 plenty to choose from in a collection that's
 been gathering dust on a shelf in our
 Sewing room for many years.
       Everything old is new again! Hope
 that includes me.....and that all your NEWS
 is good!


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