Thursday, September 8, 2016


                    WELL WELL!

       My wife and I had the opportunity
to help some family members with a home
improvement project yesterday.
       Her brother and sister-in-law are
working on a house they've purchased for
their daughter and another brother, just in
from California, is visiting them.
      We arrived to find the brothers taking
turns painting a decorative wishing well
in the back yard. It was an interesting
       One would paint while the other
pointed out spots that had been missed
or needed a second coat. Then they'd
switch. But the rules were always the
same. The one without the brush would
find the spots where improvement were
        My wife, being a blood relative,
pitched in, finding spots that both had
missed. She further aided the project
with her observation that she didn't
like the color anyway.
       I aided as best I could by staying
out of the way and saying nothing. In
that respect I believe I was truly a very
big help.
       Hope there's enough paint to cover
all those spots....and that all your NEWS
is good! 

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